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Lime Kilns

At the end of the canal proper is a large lime kiln complex which was designed by James Green to be ultra efficient. This is now part of the storage/working compound of R.H.S. Rosemoor Gardens, originallyknown as ‘Rowes Moor’

This structure consisted of five pots each 14 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep, arranged in a straight line, with a railed ramp from wharf level to the top of the pots where there was a flat platform sufficiently large to allow for the storage of piles of lime and culm (anthracite) awaiting firing. There was also an office on the top where the site foreman kept tally of lime kilns what was going on.

Today these kilns are derelict but the subject of potential restoration. Bats inhabit part of the building creating limitations on what can be done.

Beyond the at Rosemoor the canal becomes leat which flows down from Healand (Darkham) Weir.

This site is not open to the general public