Whats Happening ?

The crew gets bigger.

A new volunteer, David McAspern,  joined the gang today and for a while he and Adrian are at a bit of a loose end because the wet weather is preventing them from working outside.  Barry and Carol in the meantime aere cutting and drilling two lengths of timber to fix to the bottom of the lead tub-boat while Trevor works on the paddle boat.  First he fixes  in place the driver’s seat (very important) and the replaces some protective covers the shield various moving parts.  Finally the weather brightens sufficiently for David and Adrian to begin work on removing debris from the foot of the wharf wall where Adrian wants to extend the scaffolding.  The debris is a mixture of subsoil, coal dust and clay.  The coal dust is an accumulation of what has obviously fallen into the canal as boats were being unloaded but over the years it has set into a very hard, concretion.  He and David work hard to shovel away at this but are hampered by the very wet and muddy surface that they are standing on which is made worse by the clay sticking limpet-like to the blades of their shovels.  Eventually Adrian decides that the back hoe of the Kubota tractor could be usefully employed to speed up this process.  He is pleased to find that the fully extended boom will reach sufficiently far down the wall to attack the offending material and soon have a clear, level surface upon which to build the scaffold.  By this time however, they are both very wet and plastered in mud but it’s time to go home anyway!