Whats Happening ?

Steve does a ‘Time Team’.

Steve keeps busy working on removing debris and overburden along the wharf wall in preparation of rebuilding.  He  finds it compulsive and surprisingly satisfying.  Trevor and Adrian meantime,  continue trying to release the seized hoist drum.  After spending a great deal of time and applying quantities of grease and penetrating oil a small measure of movement is achieved on the clutch bands but still insufficient to allow the drum to run freely.  The replacement boom-hoist cushion-spring has still not arrived.

A new volunteer arrives to offer help with clearing mud from the lock chamber.  Bob Renton, locally known as “the Mud Man”, has considerable experience of this activity due to keeping the mooring around his 60 foot long ex-naval boat clear of mud below Bideford Long Bridge.  He  and Adrian have a long chat about possible solutions to the problem and he promises to come back within a few days and try various methods.