Whats Happening ?

Trevor plays ‘hide and seek!’

Norman was counting cranes not sheep overnight and has come to the conclusion that the horrible ‘grunging noises were simply due to lack of oil.  He and Trevor had put some multigrade in the previous day but only a small amount.  referring to the instruction manual, always a good idea when all else fails, He and Trevor learn that there should be 5  gallons of very heavy gear-oil (140 Grade) in the gearbox.

Since there is no dip stick Trevor loosens first one and then the second of the 2 sump drain-plugs.  To do this he has to get up in under the machine which makes him look as if he’s trying to hide.  Perhaps he is!

What comes out of the gearbox is not oil but water – lots of it!  Norman makes some telephone calls and drives off  to Barnstaple to collect some fresh oil.  Gear oil of this type and viscosity is not readily available but eventually Norman returns with 20 litres of 140 grade and 20 litres of 90, not ideal but better than nothing.  The sump drain plugs are replaced, the oil poured into the filler and having allowed some time for the oil to flow down into the depths of the machine the engine is restarted and once again the main clutch is gently engaged.  The ‘grunging’ noise is briefly heard but quickly subsides, not to be heard again.  Hooray!

It’s a great pity that water was found to be such a poor lubricant because it is certainly much cheaper than the oil turned out to be.