Whats Happening ?

Unexpected visitors.

John calls in on Adrian to tell him he is about to catch a boat!  A sailing yacht ,with a mast of at least 20feet in height, has slipped her mooring just above Bideford New Bridge and has drifted up river on the rising tide, nearly as far as Ha’penny Bridge.  The boat has managed to pass beneath Bideford Long Bridge despite none of the arches having sufficient clearance and then continued her way passing under Iron Bridge (railway) sustaining almost no damage. John sets out into the river on his surf canoe and manages to get a tow rope onto the yacht and he then laboriously and somewhat painfully manages to tow her downstream, against the tide and into the shelter of Sea Lock. Adrian arrives in time to see the boat, moving into the mouth of the lock chamber and secures her fore and aft.

The owner of the wandering boat had been driving along the Bideford /Torrigton Road, searching for her where he could see the river. He is already at Sea Lock watching John rescuing his boat.  Having moored the boat and attached large plastic jerry cans to act as fenders all that can be done is to wait for the falling tide to ground the boat so that the owner can get aboard and assess the situation.

Once a ladder is secured to the boat the owner and John let down the boom and mast and tie them to the dick so that the boar can easily clear the bridges on her homeward journey.

While all this is going on Adrian continues selecting and attaching boards to the floor of the tub boat.  Norman, who has been helping with the mast then joins Adrian in fixing down the boards.