Whats Happening ?

Waste not, want not!

Adrian has arranged with John Bowden to saw the latest delivery of redundant balance beams to sizes of boards that can be used to clad the base of the lead tub boat and today  he arrives on site bringing his portable band saw with him.  Roy Morris, another of Adrian’s friends, has recently acquired a very similar saw and is keen to learn from John the ‘tricks of the trade’ and has come along as well.  Adrian, John and Roy are later joined by Barry and Bob.

John and Roy set up the saw while Adrian uses the Kubota to transport sections of balance beam from where they have been previously stacked and lift them on  to the saw bench.  Barry and Bob give their attention to the remaining balance beams, removing nails, screws and any other metal work which would damage the saw blade and then cutting them to more manageable lengths with a chain saw.

By the end of the day a considerable number of boards have been cut and stacked ready to be sorted for use and the floor area surrounding the saw is beginning to resemble a beach since it is now covered in a thick layer of very fine saw-dust.

Unfortunately not all of the boards can be used since over the passage of time the timber has been affected by rot and cracking but nevertheless a large quantity of useful timber has been salvaged. The off-cuts will not go to waste either since they will be used to fuel Adrian’s wood stove at home.

The weather has been kind to the gang today, enabling a considerable amount of work to be achieved and also allowing the site to dry out a bit.  Adrian and John plan to resume planking on Friday providing the weather continues to remain dry.