Whats Happening ?

Wed 20th Jan 2010

Wednesday 20th

Trevor and Adrian visit Phil Vanstone at Groundplant looking to borrow a 50mm socket needed to tighten to bolts holding gate frames together.  Since one isn’t available a plant-fitter fabricates a spanner from a length of square section steel tube.  All Trevor and Adrian need to do is to drill holes through it to accommodate a tommy bar. Once this is accomplished they run the bolts through the gates and extension pieces, and apply the tube-spanner to the nuts which works a treat.  Applying sufficient pressure to the spanner to achieve the required tension, results in the tommy bar bending so a stronger one has to be found. The bolts and the extension timbers now have to be dismantled so that the joints can be sealed with bitumen to make them watertight now that all is ready for its final assembly.