Whats Happening ?

Wednesday August 11th

Trevor and Adrian cannot understand what mechanism is used to stop the Paddle gates from sliding shut. Trevor spends some time looking at the various bits of winding mechanism stored in a large box and discovers two ratchets and locking pawls, and a connecting rod.  The problem is that this kit does not fit with the wing gear already bolted to the gate but to an older style of mechanism, bits of which are also in stock.   The solution is to change it all over.

Trevor and Adrian remove the more modern winding mechanism and begin setting up the wooden supports for the older type.  This requires temporarily fixing the main winding prop to the gate whilst four 20mm holes are bored through the balance beam.  This is finally accomplished.  Lengths of 20mm threaded bar are cut to length and the upright is permanently bolted on.

Unfortunately there is only one complete winding mechanism and that is for the other gate.  The winding mechanisms are ‘handed’ due to the balance beams being angled.