Whats Happening ?

Where’s the tea boy?

Trevor has telephoned to say that he has caught a cold and is not feeling well enough to work at Sea Lock with Adrian.  The fact that the temperature has plummeted makes Adrian secretly suspect that  Trevor’s is ‘skiving’!   Anyway, Adrian plans to ‘struggle on’ without his faithful side-kick and goes to work with David, the new volunteer, who has just arrived with Carol.  Having already cleared the foot of the wharf wall beyond the existing scaffolding Adrian decides that he and David will extend the scaffold in preparation for the next section of wharf wall rebuilding.   Carol works steadily away at revitalizing old scaffold clips by cleaning the threads of rust and cement, and giving them a good dose of lubricant.  By the end of the day Carol has cleaned a whole gang of clips , David has a frozen foot (he didn’t appreciate that the rising tide would eventually make the water level within the lock chamber where he has been working,  higher than the top of his wellies), and the scaffold platform has grown considerably.  Not a bad day’s work considering how cold it has been!  Adrian knows that sadly Trevor is not feeling well  and  not actually ‘skiving’ but if he is, he’s not as daft as he looks!