Whats Happening ?

Wood and wheels

Trevor and Adrian start the day by replenishing stocks of coach bolts, trowelling bitumen and wood filler.  The weather is very poor so they are restricted to working under cover but use the time in preparing more boards for the tub boat floor.   Suitable timber for the floorboards is in short supply and those that have large splits or have been previously drilled for other bolts holes have to be filled which occupies Trevor for a while.  Barry arrives and helps plane the edges of the boards to fit.  Adrian bores holes through the boards and then countersinks them in preparation for bolting them to the chines.  Enough boards have been prepared to complete the floor but dry weather is now required in which to fix them.

Adrian has arranged to borrow an original tub boat wheel from Bude Stratton Town Council and during the evening a friend from the Bude Canal & Harbour Society arrives with it.  An accurate wooden pattern can now be made so that new wheels can be cast for the replicas.